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Why is Dance a good exercise for all age group?

Let’s discuss some facts about why Dance is a good exercise for all age group and how it is a good exercise as well as a great fun, which thrills your body and boost your brain. Well as per the latest survey this is revealed that Dance is not only provided you with a better physic but also boost your brain and reduces the chance of heart attack and many other diseases.  So why not people would feel attracted towards Dance. Here we are not talking about watching the Dance on television or live because this thing can only provide you with a great entertainment nothing else.

This will not make any difference in your lives. Although when you do it practically you will not only feel better and healthy you will also see differences in your behaviour. Why because Dance is something which will not only make you feel amazing but will also make you feel healthy, calm and stress-free. So why not somebody would feel attracted towards Dance. It is not only a good exercise but also a great fun and it will never make you feel bored. So what is Dance all about how you do it and what are the Dance forms?

So the first thing about Dance is that you are listening to some kind of Music you love to, and moving your body according to the Music beats.  You might have seen people who are doing stupid Dance in the small parties wedding DJ’s etcetera, which is nothing but we can say that people are moving their bodies for having fun nothing else that is not the real or we can say a genuine form of DanceDance is actually a small word but this small word contains a lot of training and efforts.

As per the Hindu religious Lord Shiva is the god of Dance and known as another name of Natraj.  You will also see his statue in many Dance Institutes.  Most of the Choreographers worship Natraj as their God of Dance.

Training & Guidance.  

When we talk about Dance we also talk about better training and Guidance, because if you have good Trainer and right guidance you will learn it, in the way it should be learnt.

In India, there are many small and big Dance institutes available where you can go and start your first step but this is highly advised that you should learn it from a well-known trainer who has a lot of experience in the same field who understand your body type better. Because in Dance there is a lot of stamina and hard work requires now obviously if you have been a housewife or a person who never do any physical workout at home or at the Gym in this situation your body needs some time to gain stamina and become used to it.

This is not something that on the first day of your Dance classes you will start dancing like the moron, please do not do that or ever try it anywhere because this can lead to major or minor injuries.  However also keep one thing in your contemplation that in the beginning, you might feel some pain like joint pain or the whole body pain but this will not remain permanent this will be gone after some time.  You might be heard that no pain no gain so if you have decided to learn something in the life you have and have to go this way.

And whenever you feel uncomfortable just come out from the Dance form slowly and speak to your Trainer so He or She can guide you in a better manner and this is only possible when you get Trainer who is not even good at Dance but also good at counselling.

At the end of this information be informed that the Dance can be a very useful part of your life which enhance your stamina provides a beautiful and healthy lifestyle which you really wanted to adopt for yourself.